Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection on sale
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Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection
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Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection
Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection
Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection

Swastik - Gold-Spiritual Protection

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Swaskita/swastik for all round prosperity and protection.Use Of Swastika Pyramids

Swastika is world famous since late 17th century.

Swastik is very powerful.Size 10" x 10". Now pyramid technology is used to make it more powerful. It helps you for spiritual upliftment and protection from all evil energies. It has a mystik power. It improves all world pleasures and materila benefit.

It is equiped with total of 729 pyramids and red coloured swastik gold. Behind is fillted with radiating gold plated ring to boost the energy. swastik gold has 8 copper plates behind apart from the centre gold plate. It has 5 gold plated pyramids in the front to boost the psychic energy.

How to use swaskita for mystique spiritual benefits?

Just place your swastik/swastika between hands and close your eyes. With a positive mind programme it with a personal wish. Now stick it or fix it with brass screw whereever you require preferably on a wall behind your seat. Pyramid activated swastik is ideal for all homes, offices, shops and factories. It is also very effective for cash counters, sales counters and spiritual places. It can be used in multiples of 3 or 9 at a time for vastu and pyravastu.

The History of Swastika

For the last thousands of years across many cultures the swastik conveyed and still conveys many positive sentiments. A number of people are surprised to see the swastika world wide. It is found in a number of countries in many forms, on bridges, old buildings and logos etc. It is integrated in the ancient buildings in Israel. It is found on the summary old churches. on the Rock Church i've landed Bella and on the Buddhism temples. Swastika is used as a spiritual symbol everywhere in Asia.

What is the state of Swastika today?

Due to the lack of knowledge, swastika is not widely used in the world as a spiritual symbol. It has been accepted by all the religions in the past centuries. Most Americans does not know the fact that swastika in integrated with the USA and North America's past mainly with good luck and well being in the 18th century and early 19th century. USA accepted the swastik well before the Nazis. It is used in the US a sign of protection as stated in the emblem as it will protect you from every bullet.

It is seen on the early US and French air force planes, seen on the Finland air force, Finland presidential flag, on the cocoa cola bottles, american boy scout and Canadian male and female hockey league. Before the Americans embrace the swastik, the native people such as national hollow use the swastik as their spiritual symbol. It is seen on early rug floor carpets. IT has been used in the land mark highway markers and on the Dam in Arizona. There is swastik town in Ontario, Canada and one in USA clinton county Newyork.

Swastik is found in every continent with spiritual and peaceful group.

Swastika is seen on the early centuries rug floor carpets and quests. Millions of Buddhists are use swastiks.

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