Sandalwoods Incense Sticks Golden ( Set of 6 Boxes ) on sale
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Sandalwoods Incense Sticks Golden ( Set of 6 Boxes )
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Sandalwoods  Incense Sticks Golden ( Set of 6 Boxes )

Sandalwoods Incense Sticks Golden ( Set of 6 Boxes )

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Sale Price: $18.00
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Sandal wood is scientifically known as Santalum album  and is known in  Sanskrit as Chandanam or Srigandha  means something which has heavenly smell. It is a parasitic tree and is mostly found in southern part of India.

Since past thousands of years, sandal wood has been used for medicinal purpose in India , especially in Ayurveda  system .  It has great importance in religious ceremonies. Hindus offer sandal wood paste to God every day and put it on the forehead.  In temples,  devotees are offered sandal wood paste after doing poojas. Its fragrance is heavenly and one of the few in  nature. 

Sandal wood is a part of Indian cultural heritage. Statues made out of sandal wood is world famous. Various music instruments, spiritual incense and creams are made out of sandal wood. It has a wonderful fragrance which last for several years.

The sandal oil has a deep smooth, gentle, sweet and woody aroma. It has a special kind of tenacity only found in sandal wood. Its aroma creates meditative atmosphere and destroys negative energy. It is cooling and calming for both mind and body.

As a medicine, sandal wood is used to treat anxiety, mental tension , head ache, skin diseases and depression. Sandal is best for yogis who want to meditate and get in touch  with super self. It is reputed as an aphrodisiac as it has been widely used by Indian kings in their sweet dishes specially evening cold drinks, kulfis (Indian ice cream) etc.  


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