High Power Magnet - Magnetic Healing on sale
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High Power Magnet - Magnetic Healing

Price: $98.00
Sale Price: $59.00
Product id: D5520 BMH52A
Availability: In stock

High power magnet is an essential tool in magnetic healing to cure and treat various diseases, aches and pain in the body.

Indications: Used in the treatment of Gout, Leg Pain, Knee pain, to improve blood circulation, lower back pain, hip joints complaints, cervical spondylitis, arm and shoulder pain, obesity, sciatica etc.

Red color indicates NORTH POLE

Blue color indicates SOUTH POLE

High power magnet can be used also for making Magnetic water , oil and milk.


The north-pointing pole of a magnet generally has strengthening, stimulating qualities, it gives energy. It can be used to improve weak organs by energizing. The south-pointing pole of a magnet withdraws energy: it is sedating and relaxing. The south pole is used for pain relief, to reduce unwanted growths (tumors) and swellings, to soothe inflammations and to arrest infections (white iris markings). The magnet does not have to touch the body or skin, but can be kept in a cotton bag pinned to the clothing if it comes as metal.

For general health improvement, high power magnets

- those that can lift 1 kg or more - may be applied for up to 1 hour daily, small or weak magnets may be left in place all day. For serious infections or strong pain or cancerous tumors, however, even powerful magnets may remain on the body as long as they seem to be beneficial. It does not give any side effect since the magnet attracts the iron particles in the blood and there by increasing the blood flow in the area. If a magnet is used for too long, you may feel some discomfort. If this happens, take out the magnet and apply the opposite pole for a while.

Donít use strong magnets on the head, brain, eyes or heart.

Attach or remove high power magnets only very slowly. However, this does not apply with a brain tumor, and it may also be beneficial to sleep with the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet close to the top of the head, especially when elderly or with deteriorating brain functions. In this case one should sleep with the head towards magnetic north and not in a bed with a frame or springs that can be magnetized. In case of pain or symptoms of inflammation in an organ, apply the south-pointing pole. If there is an obvious weakness, use the north-pointing pole of a magnet.

In most other cases, however, it is best to experiment with muscle testing to find the most beneficial pole for the condition at hand. If you are confused about which pole to use, try one pole for some time and later the other pole, and then compare results. The length of a testing period, before reversing poles, may be only a few minutes for acute cases or several days for chronic conditions. In general, the south-pointing pole is much more often indicated and less harmful if applied wrongly, while a wrongly applied north-pointing pole may increase an infection or tumor growth. However, strong magnets suppress nerve signals and, therefore, either pole may eliminate pain.

Nevertheless, using the correct pole as outlined in this article is recommended.

Some do not feel the magnetic energy and show very little response, others are hypersensitive. In this case, use only a weak magnet for a short period or use magnetized water instead of magnets. Do not use a magnet in bed if it has an innerspring mattress or steel frames or base. In this case the steel parts may become strongly magnetized with the wrong polarity and cause deterioration of the disease condition. For general improvement of health, you can place high power magnets at the hands and/or feet. For problems mainly in the upper part of the body, place the right palm on one pole and the left palm on the other.

For problems in the lower part of the body place one pole under the right foot and the other under the left foot. If mainly one side is affected, the palm may rest on a south pole and the foot of the same side on a north pole. Finally, a good general placement is the right palm on one pole and the left foot on the other pole or vice versa. You may start using high power magnets in this way for five minutes and gradually increase it to 30 minutes or as long as you feels beneficial.

Using the Correct Pole of a Magnet:

South-pointing pole is placed towards a painful, inflamed or infected part of the body. The north-pole may be used if the body area is weak or under-active. However, there is a possibility that the weakness or under-activity is caused by a low-grade chronic infection or inflammation and then it may still improve with the south-pointing pole and deteriorate with the north-pointing pole. So the south-pointing pole is generally safer to use.

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