Navagraha Dosha pyramids
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Navagraha Dosha pyramids
Jupiter-Guru Dosha-Yantra
Ketu Dosha Yantra-Navagraha Pyramid
Kuja Dosha Nivaran Yantra-remedy
Pyra Navagraha -set of 9
Pyra Navagraha-Solve Navagraha Dosha
Pyron Mercury - Business
Pyron Moon – Calm Mind
Pyron Rahu – Status
Pyron Saturn – Happiness
Pyron Sun - Vitality
Pyron Venus - Luxury

These are Pyra Navagraha yantras. Analyse your horoscope and find you planetary influence for the time and use the correct navagraha yantra to solve the navagraha dosha or boost its beneficial effect. The yantra once used, will correct the energy from the planets makes it useful and positive. The bad effects of a planets are removed.

Methods to Cure Navagrah dosha using pyron nvagraha yantras, When to use navagrah upaay, Navagrah remedies, why to use navagrah remedies, Powerful tips to minimize the malefic effects of Navagrah, Navagraha totkay, Navagraha Hawan, Astrologer for navagrah solutions.

Available for 9 Navagrahas. It includes

Pyron Sun-Vitality,
Pyron Moon-Calm Mind,
Pyron Mars-Courage,
Pyron Mercury-Business,
Pyron Jupiter-Spirituality,
Pyron Venus-Luxury,
Pyron Saturn-Happiness,
Pyron Rahu-Status
Pyron Ketu-Prosperity

What is navagraha in human life? 

Navagraha means the 9 planets which has the utmost impact in our life. These Nine planets are- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. These 9 navagrahas or planets are influencing our life very much right from our birth.

When the horoscope of a person is made, the impacts are seen clearly. An experienced astrologer can tell you every thing related to your life i.e. weak points and power points of your life just by analysing your horoscope or birth chart. This shows that navagrah are definitely making impact in our life. 

When To Do navagraha Pooja?

There are some pooja which can be done any time and by anyone for any purpose and navagraha pooja is one of them. You can do this pooja any time and it is also good to spend some amount from our earning in these types of events. Although this is good for everyone but here i am going to tell you that for whom navagrah pooja is beneficial much.  If you are unable to predict what is going in your life and why? If maximum planets in your horoscope are generating malefic effects.  If you are very happy and if you want to do some thing for every one.  It is also good to perform this type of anusthaan in home or business place time to time atleast thrice in a year.  Navagraha remedies are very effective when you are in problem very much.

Navagraha remedies are useful when you are unaware of the problems causes.  Navagraha hawan are useful to clean the environment too. 

Importance of Navagraha Pooja:

You can make your personal life better with navagraha pooja.  You can make your professional life smooth with navagraha hawan. You can make your social life zealful with navagraha upaay.  You can make your environment clean through navagraha hawan or homa.  So there is no negative impact of this navagraha homa or navagraha pooja or navagraha upaay.  Very Simple totka of Navagraha Daana: If you want to donate for navagraha then use this method to do so.

Daily when you go for sleep keep some money near by or below your pillow which you want to donate. On next morning keep it in your worship place. Do this 7 days a week and on 9th day donate this accumulated amount to any needy or in temple or buy some useful things and give to needy persons. Feel the power of this Navagraha totka. Do this totka by maintaining the privacy. Get the blessings of needy persons. Get the blessings of your ancestors. Very Powerful Remedies To over Come From the Navagraha Malefic Effects: If you really think that you are having problem in all segments of life. If you really think that you are facing unwanted problems in your daily life.


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